wonton soup 32 ₪
velvet corn soup 32 ₪
hot and sour soup 32 ₪
mushroom soup 32 ₪
ginger soup 32 ₪
tofu soup 32 ₪
lemon soup 32 ₪
seafood soup 38 ₪
seaweeds soup 38 ₪
Spring roll 24 ₪
Fried won-tons 29/55 ₪
Chicken and lychee salad 29/55 ₪
Cold sliced pork with spicy garlic sauce 35/59 ₪
Crispy mushrooms 29/55 ₪
bean noodles salad with shrimps and calamari 32/59 ₪
vietnamese salad with mint 29/55 ₪
fried wings with sweet chili sous 39/69 ₪
fried calamari 49/85 ₪
Shrimps - 99 NIS
Deep fried sesame shrimps
Spicy shrimps szechuan style
Shrimps in black beans sauce
Shrimps with mushrooms and cashew nuts
Shrimps with ginger and scallions
Shrimps with fresh broccoli- in season
Shrimps with tofu and black mushrooms
Shrimps kong pau
Shrimps and calamari in black beans sauce
Shrimps and calamari szechuan style
deep fride shrimps wrapped with crispy bacon
Calamari - 99 NIS
Calamari szechuan style
Calamari in black beans sauce
Calamari with garlic, celery and mushrooms
Fish - 129 NIS
Steamed fish with soy sauce
Fish in hot and sweet tomato sauce
Fish in spicy garlic sauce
Fish with vegetables in spicy sauce
fish in ginger sauce
Chicken - 79 NIS
Lemon chicken
Chicken in sweet and sour sauce with lychees and almonds
Sweet and sour chicken with pineapple and almonds fried
Chicken with mushrooms and quail eggs
Spicy chicken szechuan style
Chicken with garlic and fresh hot peppers
Spicy chicken with eggplant zsechuan style
Chicken in peanut sauce
Chicken with fresh broccoli - in season
Chicken with chestnuts - in season
Chicken kong pau
deep fried sesame chicken 69 ₪
Chicken chunks - 85 NIS
Chicken chunks in garlic and ginger
Chicken chunks with scallions five spices
Chopped chicken with pine nuts water chestnuts
Goose - 99 NIS
Roast goose in honey and garlic sauce
Roast goose in orange sauce
Roast goose in pineapple and almonds
Roast goose in szechuan spicy sauce
crispy goose with plum sauce
Smoked goose - pre order 290 ₪
Pork - 89 NIS
Sweet and sour pork
Pork with mushrooms and cashew nuts
Pork with black Chinese mushrooms
Pork with mushrooms and quail eggs
Pork in black beans sauce
Pork with garlic and fresh hot peppers
Spicy pork szechuan style
Pork with fresh broccoli - in season
Moo shoo pork
Pork with chestnuts - in season
Pork kong pau
Spare ribs - 149 NIS
Spare ribs in hoi sin sauce
Spare ribs with honey and garlic sauce
Fried spare ribs with hot pepper
Beef - 89 NIS
Spicy beef szechuan style
Spicy beef with eggplant szechuan style
Beef with garlic and fresh hot peppers
Beef in black beans sauce
Beef with pecans, red and green peppers
Beef in oyster sauce
Beef with fresh broccoli - in season
Crispy beef
Beef with black Chinese mushrooms
Beef with fresh asparagus -in season
Beef with ginger and scallions
Mixed vegetables 59 ₪
Bean sprouts 59 ₪
Spicy eggplant szechuan style 59 ₪
Bamboo shoots with mushrooms 59 ₪
broccoli with garlic & scallions - in season 69 ₪
tofu with wood mushrooms & black mushrooms 69 ₪
asparagus with mushrooms - in season 69 ₪
crispy snow peas with black mushrooms 69 ₪
Rice noodles with vegetables 55 ₪
Egg noodles with vegetables 55 ₪
Egg noodles with shrimps 69 ₪
eight treasures egg noodles 69 ₪
Wide rice noodles with beef 69 ₪
Rice noodles Singapore style with curry and pork 69 ₪
Egg noodles with beef in oyster sauce 69 ₪
Egg noodles with goose 69 ₪
Egg noodles with chicken in black beans sauce 69 ₪
fried or steamed rice 17 ₪
eight treasure fried rice 69 ₪
Fried fruits banana, pineapple, apple or lychees 38 ₪
Sugared nuts 26 ₪
Lychees 26 ₪
Fresh fruit salad with ginger 38 ₪
Ice cream & sorbet 27 ₪
Mixed deserts fried fruits, sugared nuts, ice cream & more with caramel sauce 29per person ₪
minimum for two
Steamed pear with ginger honey & lemon 38 ₪
served cold with vanilla ice cream & nurs, in season
(An additional 15 ₪ when ordering business meal )
Hot chocolate volcano 38 ₪
served with vanilla ice cream
(An additional 15 ₪ when ordering business meal )
Fried Coconut ice cream 38 ₪
(An additional 15 ₪ when ordering business meal )
Coffee- tea 13-16 ₪
Herbal tea 21 ₪
Business lunch
served on monday to Thursday 12:00-18:00
Soup or entree from menu
Main course from menu
Fried steamed rice
Business lunch with:
noodles 79 ₪
Chicken, beef or pork 99 ₪
Calamari, shrimps or goose breast. 109 ₪
fish 129 ₪